Monday, January 26, 2009

Required knitting tool - A blanket?

Yes, a blanket. And why, you might ask, is a blanket required for knitting? Read below as I explain.

I am going to go settle in my special knitting chair for the evening, both little dogs know the drill. I get my cell phone, the house phone, the remote, and a blanket. Of course the knitting is already right next to the chair. Anyway, I get in the chair and they climb up to get comfy, then I cover them and me with the blanket, pick a show and pick up the needles. Why a blanket you might ask?

One night (after this above system had been tried successfully multiple times), I got all set up and started knitting without a blanket. I was knitting on my extremely complicated lace project. What happens next, you ask? Well, since you asked, I will tell you! Something happened outside, by all indications there was an intruder on the premise from the way the dogs went off. Perhaps it was just the wind, hard to tell the difference based on the animal reactions. But, the rear left leg of the smallest dog got tangled in the knitting. Did the dog's leg come off? Was the dog hurt? Does the knitter care at this point? (Disclaimer - no animals were hurt during this incident). No injury to the dog, but ALAS - the lace and the yarn project were half way across the room. Yes - perhaps a slight exaggeration of the facts. However, 11 stitches of lace were dropped for several rows. 2 hours and several choice words (which were bleeped out to protect the young ears of the canines), the knitted lace was back on the needles, each stitch accounted for and mounted correctly on the needles.

So now - after sharing this tale, I am off to settle in to knit, complete with the blanket.

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