Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 - the year of my independence

I just figured out how to add a badge from the Kollage Knitters group. I am learning this computer stuff even without my son's help. It used to be I would have him come help me with my IT questions. But now that he is away at college I am trying to figure things out on my own. Baby steps I know, but it is progress for me. My husband is patient with me but it is fun to figure stuff out myself.

I also am proud to announce that I figured out how to jump start a car. And yes, without calling AAA. I have AAA and have used it many at times, but this time I figured I would dig out the car manual and see if I could figure it out. I am a car-pooler and when I had driven to my friend's house in the morning I had left an interior light on in the car. It was her day to drive. When we got home at the end of the day the car didn't unlock with my clicker thing (yes - my personal technical term). That should have been a clue, but not to me. I figured it out when I got in and it wouldn't do anything when I turned the key. Then I looked up and saw that light, oh so dimly looking at me and laughing.

Of course, the law of Murphy or averages, or whatever, I had chosen the coldest day of the year to perform this feat. The owners manual for the Honda was really a pretty quick read, and my Eagle scout husband - always prepared (there were jumper cables in the back). I knew I could have called him and he would have talked me through it or come to my rescue but I wanted to try. Kathy and I had the car jumped within 5 minutes or so. AND - we didn't even try to knit the cables together to the cars or anything.

After sharing the car story and telling you how I added the badge from my Kollage group, I think it is time to go pick up the needles and some yummy Hope organic cotton and see what else I can create for today.

Knit on!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Swift or not so swift

What a lesson I have learned tonight about my new swift and ball winder. These were a Christmas gift from my wonderful mother. Now, have it be known, I have already used these items with great success multiple times since I received them. Tonight was a different story.

I put it all up and draped my lovely Purple Sterling silk & silver yarn by Kraemer over the swift. I hooked up the yarn to the ball winder and started to turn the wheel of the ball winder. All was going well until the phone rang. Now, do I have voicemail? Yes - of course. But the phone rang, and I felt compelled to answer it. It was my Mom and I was glad to hear from her as she is traveling. However, in answering the phone I had stepped away, and the swift had stopped spinning. I started up again enjoying a conversation with my mom and watched as the process became less than smooth. All the sudden the yarn was not resting happily on the swift but rather hanging in some places. I kept at it but realized this was not going to have a good ending. I could see it happening. But, there was also someone (or something) else watching. I have a cat as well as the dogs. Cappi (said cat), thought this was all entertaining as she watched knowingly from across the room.

I am sure you can now guess that I had to defend the tangled web I wove. I am happy to report that I was able to untangle the mess and now it is all happy on one ball. I am going back to my knitting of the Clapotis. However, let it be known that in the future if anyone calls while the swift is in motion, voice mail is the only answer you will receive.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Required knitting tool - A blanket?

Yes, a blanket. And why, you might ask, is a blanket required for knitting? Read below as I explain.

I am going to go settle in my special knitting chair for the evening, both little dogs know the drill. I get my cell phone, the house phone, the remote, and a blanket. Of course the knitting is already right next to the chair. Anyway, I get in the chair and they climb up to get comfy, then I cover them and me with the blanket, pick a show and pick up the needles. Why a blanket you might ask?

One night (after this above system had been tried successfully multiple times), I got all set up and started knitting without a blanket. I was knitting on my extremely complicated lace project. What happens next, you ask? Well, since you asked, I will tell you! Something happened outside, by all indications there was an intruder on the premise from the way the dogs went off. Perhaps it was just the wind, hard to tell the difference based on the animal reactions. But, the rear left leg of the smallest dog got tangled in the knitting. Did the dog's leg come off? Was the dog hurt? Does the knitter care at this point? (Disclaimer - no animals were hurt during this incident). No injury to the dog, but ALAS - the lace and the yarn project were half way across the room. Yes - perhaps a slight exaggeration of the facts. However, 11 stitches of lace were dropped for several rows. 2 hours and several choice words (which were bleeped out to protect the young ears of the canines), the knitted lace was back on the needles, each stitch accounted for and mounted correctly on the needles.

So now - after sharing this tale, I am off to settle in to knit, complete with the blanket.