Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Swift or not so swift

What a lesson I have learned tonight about my new swift and ball winder. These were a Christmas gift from my wonderful mother. Now, have it be known, I have already used these items with great success multiple times since I received them. Tonight was a different story.

I put it all up and draped my lovely Purple Sterling silk & silver yarn by Kraemer over the swift. I hooked up the yarn to the ball winder and started to turn the wheel of the ball winder. All was going well until the phone rang. Now, do I have voicemail? Yes - of course. But the phone rang, and I felt compelled to answer it. It was my Mom and I was glad to hear from her as she is traveling. However, in answering the phone I had stepped away, and the swift had stopped spinning. I started up again enjoying a conversation with my mom and watched as the process became less than smooth. All the sudden the yarn was not resting happily on the swift but rather hanging in some places. I kept at it but realized this was not going to have a good ending. I could see it happening. But, there was also someone (or something) else watching. I have a cat as well as the dogs. Cappi (said cat), thought this was all entertaining as she watched knowingly from across the room.

I am sure you can now guess that I had to defend the tangled web I wove. I am happy to report that I was able to untangle the mess and now it is all happy on one ball. I am going back to my knitting of the Clapotis. However, let it be known that in the future if anyone calls while the swift is in motion, voice mail is the only answer you will receive.

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