Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday knit nite

I have just returned from Starbucks. There are a group of us that meet there to knit on Thursday evenings occasionally. Unfortunately, I don't know what I was thinking tonight when I packed my bag. I took a complicated lace project. So I knit a few rows and realized that meant I wasn't able to join the conversation as much. I know better than that and usually take something much less complicated.

BUT... I want to finish this project - Mystery Stole 4. I am on the final chart and want to finish it and block it so I can wear it to a party on Saturday. So what am I doing here blogging? I don't know either.

My son says I am a yarn pusher. I do think everyone would be happier if they knit. I am trying to get others at work to knit too. I find such relaxation in the process. It is always funny how strangers will start a conversation with me if I am knitting, more so than if I am not.

Back to the sticks I go! I am determined to finish the knitting tonight so I can do the join and blocking tomorrow.

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